If you’re not using social media your business will be left behind.

Content Creation

Our social media management process is to coordinate your online interactions and information to specifically focus on your brand. This includes content provoking engagement with your viewership to “create the discussion” amongst your readers. This engagement drives the message and allows your social media following to help spread your brand awareness. Within our management process we are also continually looking for different opportunities to spark new activity.

Social Media Management

Consistent, compelling posts that engages the interest of your viewership is at the core of what we do. This creates a value minded brand, building trust and the desire to share the brand awareness with others. Data continually proves that the more your viewership “trusts” you through this personal level interaction using social media; the greater likelihood that they will utilize your products and services.

Lead Generation

Our Lead generation process is simply that: generating leads. This is derived from a total package mindset that allows an open flow of ideas; without conflicting on the message of the brand. In this current competitive market, it is incredibility important to have a broad message refined to a focused mindset; getting customers to the point of sale.


Lead Generation

Facebook & Instagram

Facebook & Instagram

Content Creation

Web Design


BA365 Social Media

Our Mission is to expand the brand potential of our members through relationship, engaging content, and social media marketing on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Now, more than ever before, brands need to be fast, smart and ahead of the curve to speak directly and engagingly to each of their customers. That’s where BA365 Social Media comes in. Our digital marketing strategies are highly effective, and will yielded amazing results creating consistent leads.


Are you reaching a large enough audience with your marketing efforts?
If not, you’re losing leads 365 days out of the year

How to Reach a Massive Audience While Generating More Leads With Marketing 365

Marketing 365 will change the velocity of your marketing while producing high-quality streams of leads consistently.

  • Discover the Power of Realtor Take Over
  • Powerful Social Media Platform on All Channels
  • Effective Direct Mail That Works
  • Drip Campaigns – Set It and Forget It!
  • Modern Stealth Voicemail
  • The Video Edge to Get Noticed
  • The Secret to The Perfect Event

And We’re Just Getting Warmed Up!

Agents Need Support And Accountability

Are You Controlling Your Agents Business?

  • Control Their Marketing
  • Control Their Social Media
  • Control Their Resources
  • Give Them Support
  • Give Them Systems
  • Give Them Lead Gen
  • Run Their CRM
  • Run Their Website
  • Run Their Open Houses
  • Create Voicemail Drops
  • Create Date
  • Create Direct Contact Marketing

Control everything your agent needs to do
And you will NOW have a life time partner


Are You Using Media?

If Not, Your Audience Is Moving On.

C R E A T E D M E D I A 365

Ben Anderson knows that all audiences are online today. Media 365 will help you create a unique and unforgettable presence. From the first frame to the last frame, we build an experience to emotionally engage your audience.

You can’t afford to skip video marketing.
There’s a huge untapped audience out there.

You’ve heard that a picture is worth 1,000 words? Well, Forrester Research found that just one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words — that’s the same as roughly 3,600 Web pages of text. And according to the Online Publishers Association, 80 percent of viewers remember what they’ve seen in online videos.

Media 365 Has Helped Me Maintain a 7 figure Income Consistently Over The Last 7 Years.

Video marketing is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. Gain more leads, more referrals, and generate more business with Media 365.

Media 365 is a team of Professional Photographers, Film/Commercial Makers, Script Writers, and Branding Production Strategists who create cinematic content to build your brand.


Let’s Start Your Brand



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