Giving Back

The Bay Area Rescue Mission is located in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Since 1965 Bay Area Rescue Mission have been dedicated to helping their most vulnerable citizens, homeless and impoverished women, children, and men to dramatically change their lives. Currently the Bay Area Rescue Mission provides more than 800,000 meals and 90,000 bed nights of shelter while offering education, job- family- and life-skills, as well as offering a spiritually based that brings stability to those who they assist.

The Bay Area Rescue Mission is 100% privately funded and has a success rate of more than 80% (that is that dating back to 2000, more than 80% of program graduates left with a job and have continuously remained employed, left with their own housing in place and have never been homeless again, if they had a substance abuse problem they have remained clean and sober, and they have remained in touch).

For more information about the Bay Area Rescue Mission please visit their website

The Bay Area Rescue Mission appreciates the wonderful relationship with Ben Anderson. Because of their financial support as well as effort of countless volunteers, together they are changing lives for a brighter tomorrow!




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